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Moving My Offline SEO Courses Online By Tommy Griffith Udemy Blog Hult International Business School.
They allowed me to use the class space to film my course and offered plenty of feedbackon how to make my training better.By lecturing and providing an SEO class for their students, the natural transition to get attendees to enroll in the online class was easy. The students, all Masters in Digital Marketing candidates, having already been exposed to much of the content, wear eager to enroll in the class. It provided a very natural continuation for what they had already seen. Promoting Your Course. Outside of the technical considerations, creating a comprehensive, scalable, marketable class has been incredibly valuable to me, and has dramatically changed the scope of my business. The trick for me was to promote directly to the students who already knew me. I sent them this e-mail.: Click here to read the rest of the article on Udemy Blog.
seo course udemy
10 Best Udemy SEO Course Review: Learn About SEO Courses on Udemy.
Even though the enrollments are high at 30000, the ratings are slightly lower at 4.2 from 4500 plus students, hence got ranked lower in my best list category. Nevertheless the feedbacks are mostly positive and here are some highlights on it: awesome course to get your social media up and running, understood the 'why' behind social media engagement, very engaging, instructive and straight forward etc. Learn more about this Udemy course. Udemy Course Marketing Guide to Social Media and Social Tactics. Course Name: Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000, people with SEO.

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